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Osteopathy: The Secret to Running Strong and Pain-Free!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Hey there, I'm Jo Lodder, and I want to share with you the secret to running strong and pain-free. It's called osteopathy! I know it may sound like a big word, but I'll break it down for you.

So, let's dive in and discover why osteopathy has been my go-to for staying at the top of my running game!

Finding the Perfect Alignment: Just like when you're building a tower with blocks, your body needs to be aligned properly for everything to work smoothly. Osteopathy helps me achieve that perfect alignment. It's all about making sure my bones, muscles, and joints are in the right places. When everything is aligned, it helps me run with ease and prevents those pesky injuries.

A Personalized Approach: Osteopaths are like body detectives! They take the time to understand how my body moves and functions. They don't just focus on one problem area; they look at my whole body. It's like having a personal coach just for my body! They use special techniques and treatments that are tailored to my specific needs, helping me overcome any running-related challenges and keeping me in top shape.

Getting Ready for the Race: Before any big race or challenge, I always make sure to see my osteopath. They ensure that my body is ready for the challenge ahead. They check for any imbalances or tightness in my muscles and work their magic to fix it. By addressing these issues, they help me avoid running into trouble and perform at my best during the race. It's like having a secret weapon that gives me an extra boost!

Teamwork with Other Experts: Osteopathy is like the captain of a winning team. They work together with other experts, like physiotherapists, as well as other rehabilitation methods such as the Vasper machine and TimeWaver, to keep my body in top condition. While osteopathy focuses on aligning my body and addressing any imbalances, the Vasper machine and Time Waver steps in to strengthen and support my muscles. It's like having a dream team that helps me recover faster and keep pushing my limits!

Mathias Simao - one of my Osteopaths treating me on the trail during my 388km & 19,500m in elevation challenge

Osteopathy is the secret to running strong and pain-free. With the help of my trusted osteopaths, I've been able to find the perfect alignment, overcome running challenges, and perform at my best. So, if you want to unlock your running potential, I highly recommend seeing an osteopath. They'll create a personalized plan just for you, helping you become a running superhero and achieve your running goals.

Stay strong, stay motivated, and let osteopathy be your secret weapon on the running track or trails!

The Osteopaths that help me stay strong:

Specialty : Structural & Craniosacral Visceral Approach

Language : English, French & Portuguese

Specialty : Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy, Niromathé Technique

Languages: French, English, and Spanish.


Jo Lodder is a trail runner, business leader, and philanthropist. He's the co-founder of JNW Asia, a property marketing company based in Hong Kong focused on Niseko projects, and a master agent of SnowDog, a hospitality brand. He's also became the first person in history to complete the HK5Trails in Hong Kong with the Run for Freedom challenge to raise money for charity. With a passion for helping others and a drive for success, Jo inspires through his love of adventure and entrepreneurship.

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"Age is just a number. It's never too late to challenge yourself and chase your dreams." - Jo Lodder

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