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Jo Lodder running on Lantau with Hong Kong in the background


Living life from the Heart


Hi, I'm Jo Lodder: Nice to meet you.

I'm not your typical trailblazer, but rather a former professional jockey turned ultra runner, property expert, and storyteller. My journey has been anything but ordinary, from conquering the 5 Hong Kong trails in 5 days to navigating the world of real estate and championing for disabled individuals through my Run for Freedom movement. Join me as I share my tales of triumph and transformation, inspiring you to chase your dreams, embrace challenges, and ignite positive change.

"Embrace the joy of the journey as you strive towards your destination"

5 Trails in 5

Witness Jo Conquering 5 Trails in 5 Days: A Run for Freedom Triumph

Step into the thrilling journey of Run for Freedom's founder, Jo Lodder, as he achieves an unprecedented feat – conquering 5 challenging trails in just 5 days. Brace yourself for an inspiring tale of determination, resilience, and the power of pushing limits. Join Jo as he embarks on this epic adventure to raise funds and awareness for disabled individuals. With each stride, he paves the way for others to take on their own challenges, contributing to a world of change. Ready to witness this remarkable triumph? Watch the video of the 5-day journey and explore the live charity page to be part of the movement. Your next challenge could become a story of empowerment too.

"The greatest gift you can give is a portion of your time, a smile and a piece of your heart to help others - money help's a bit too!"

Jo Lodder Journey

Embark on the Journey with Jo!

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