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Who is Jo Lodder?

"Imagine thundering towards a fence on a thoroughbred horse, heart racing with adrenaline and the excitement of the race. But in the blink of an eye, another horse cuts across your path, and you're thrown from your saddle, crashing to the ground at 50 kilometers per hour. That was the moment that changed everything for me, Jo Lodder, when I suffered a broken back that ended my career as a professional jockey. But it was a tragic accident involving a friend and the horse I was supposed to ride that made me truly appreciate how lucky I was to be alive.

"If all I achieve in life is that I have given more than I have taken then I will have succeeded"

JNW Properties

Life has a way of testing us, but it's our response to adversity that defines us. For me, it meant reinventing myself as an entrepreneur, starting with events management. I organized corporate race days, threw parties at Liberace's house in Las Vegas, and learned the ropes of running a successful business. But it wasn't until I moved to Hong Kong in 2010 that I found my true passion: real estate. Together with our team at JNW Properties, we specialize in properties in Niseko, Japan, selling our own brands SnowDog and Raku Ichi to give prospective owners a home away from home and a strong rental return.

"Discover your dream holiday home - a retreat that nourishes the soul and secures your future"

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Making change

However, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to make a drastic change. I was overweight and living an unhealthy lifestyle, so I turned to running and charity challenges to transform myself and help others. It was during this journey that I founded Run for Freedom, a movement dedicated to helping disabled individuals overcome obstacles and live their fullest lives. And in 2023, I made history by running the 5 trails in 5 days, becoming the first person ever to achieve this feat.


Through all of life's ups and downs, I've never lost sight of my values and vision. Whether I'm speaking at schools, universities, private clubs, corporations, or religious groups, I hope to inspire others to find their own path, overcome their own obstacles, and live their own version of freedom.


So if you're looking for a speaker who's lived through it all and come out stronger on the other side, look no further than Jo Lodder."

"Embrace change, and you'll rewrite the story of you life"

Unleash Limits: Jo's 5 Trails in 5 Days Journey

Unleashing Limits: Jo's 5 Trails in 5 Days Journey

Welcome to "Unleashing Limits," a journey that encapsulates transformation, empowerment, and the spirit of pushing boundaries. In the midst of the COVID years, a seismic shift occurred within me, sparking a profound transformation. This metamorphosis not only redefined my personal journey but also ignited a mission of greater significance.

Running the Wilson Trail in Jo Lodder's 5 trail challenge
398km d+19,500m elevation - Run for Freedom

The Monumental Challenge

An idea crept into my head, to conquer a challenge that took me through the heart of Hong Kong's rugged landscapes – running the 5 trails in 5 consecutive days, encompassing nearly 400km and a staggering 20,000m of elevation gain. This feat was comparable to running from here to Guangzhou and ascending Everest more than 2 ½ times. The doubting whispers crept in – could I truly conquer this formidable challenge? After all, I was a relatively new runner with just two years of experience. Yet, the intention went beyond personal accomplishment; it was about kindling awareness and resources for "Run for Freedom," a movement dedicated to those who cannot run themselves.


The Trails and Their Stories:

Each trail held its own narrative. The Tinworth trail, a 97-kilometer tribute from Tai O to the Chinese border, honored the legacy of Nick Tinworth, a trail running pioneer lost to cancer. The Wilson trail spanned 85 kilometers of awe-inspiring vistas and demanding ascents. The Hong Kong Trail, a modest 50 kilometers, beckoned with its unique charm and breathtaking views. But the true tests lay ahead – the 103-kilometer MacLehose trail with its relentless elevation gains, and the 70-kilometer Lantau trail, where determination met exhaustion and shared laughter with fellow runners, bikers, and the spirited Lantau community.

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The Transformative Support:

Fueling my journey was the remarkable support I encountered along the trails. Companions like Pili and Esther, along with unexpected allies, changed the trajectory of the challenge. Tak, in an electric wheelchair, ran beside me to the summit of The Peak, epitomizing the indomitable spirit of humanity. Moments etched in memory, like a simple gesture of a bowl of fried rice from a local shop owner on the MacLehose trail, symbolized the boundless compassion within humanity's heart. These acts of kindness breathed renewed strength into me, propelling me forward.


Culmination and Beyond:

The journey culminated at the iconic green postbox in Mui Wo, marking the achievement of the 100k HKD target. Yet, the support surpassed expectations, reaching nearly 1 million HKD. The movement had morphed into something beyond ourselves – empowering individuals to undertake their own challenges and contribute to the cause. The question lingered – could your next endeavor be the catalyst for change? Could your actions resonate beyond yourself, touching lives and kindling transformation?

The Journey Begins

As you navigate this page, remember that this journey isn't just mine; it's a collective endeavor, an invitation to create lasting impact. The world is full of untapped potential, waiting to be harnessed. Imagine the ripple effect that your steps could trigger, not only for you but for the countless lives you touch. The journey of empowerment and change starts with a single stride – a choice to challenge boundaries and inspire others. Join me in this transformative odyssey, and let's forge a brighter world, one stride at a time.

This is an extract from a talk that encapsulates my journey and the essence of "Unleashing Limits." Experience the full story by watching the film "Unleashing Limits: Jo's 5 Trails in 5 Days Journey." below

Video - 5 trails in 5 days

Unleashing Limits: The Film!

Sit back and enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong and the ups and downs of Jo's HK5Trails Adventure!

The Run for Freedom Movement

The Charity Challenge

To run all of the Hong Kong 5 Trails in 5 consecutive days - 390 km with 19,500M of Elevation 🏃🏻🏃🏻

The Trails:

👉 The Tinworth Trail - 93km / 5,000m elevation

👉 The Wilson Trail - 78km / 4,600m elevation

👉 The Hong Kong Trail - 50km / 2,000m elevation

👉 The Maclehose Trail - 100km / 4,600m elevation

👉 The Lantau Trail - 70km / 3,300km elevation


Dates: 1st - 5th March 2023 - completed in the time and becoming the first person in history to achieve this feat

Jo's been seen here

A member of Trail Runners Association Hong Kong
Jo Lodder as seen in Around Discovery Bay
Jo Lodder as seen in South China Morning Post
Jo Lodder on Bloomberg TV
Jo Lodder in Expat Living
Jo Lodder seen in The Standard
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