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15 Top Tips for Trail Runners in Hong Kong!

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Hong Kong has a variety of trails, each offering unique experiences and challenges for trail runners. Some of the most popular trails include:

The Hong Kong 5 Trails

  1. Tinworth Trail: A challenging trail with scenic views of the coast with steep ascents and is a popular destination for trail runners looking for a challenge

  2. Lantau Trail: A scenic 68-kilometre trail with a mix of rocky and smooth terrain, passing through several scenic areas, including Lantau Peak and passes by famous landmarks such as the Big Buddha.

  3. Wilson Trail: A 78-kilometre trail with diverse landscapes, including hills, forests, and beaches.

  4. Hong Kong Trail: A 50-kilometre trail that traverses the length of Hong Kong Island, showcasing the island's diverse landscapes.

  5. MacLehose Trail: A 100-kilometre trail with scenic views, diverse terrains, and cultural attractions. It runs through several country parks, including Sai Kung and the New Territories.

Regardless of the trail, it is important to be prepared with appropriate gear, enough food and water, a map, and a first-aid kit, and to follow Leave No Trace principles to minimize the impact on the environment.

15 Top Tips for Trail Runners in Hong Kong

  1. Know the trail conditions: Get information about the current weather, trail status, and any potential hazards.

  2. Wear appropriate gear: Light, breathable clothing and appropriate shoes for the trail conditions.

  3. Plan ahead: Map out the trail, and know your estimated time and distance.

  4. Take enough food and water: Bring snacks, electrolytes, and enough water to last the entire trail.

  5. Consider the weather: Wear protective gear in hot weather and carry extra layers in cold weather.

  6. Follow the trails: Stick to the designated trails to prevent erosion and minimize impact on the environment.

  7. Leave no trace: Pack out all trash, and avoid leaving anything behind.

  8. Respect wildlife: Do not disturb or feed any wildlife, and maintain a safe distance.

  9. Stay on the trails: Avoid shortcuts or creating new trails.

  10. Be aware of other trail users: Yield to hikers, bikers, and horses, and signal your approach with a friendly greeting.

  11. Bring a map and compass: In case of poor visibility or getting lost.

  12. Let someone know your plans: Provide a trusted friend or family member with your trail information.

  13. Carry a first-aid kit: In case of minor injuries or emergencies.

  14. Consider wearing a headlamp: In case you need to continue the trail in low light.

  15. Be prepared for changing conditions: Pack and plan for different weather conditions, and be prepared to adjust accordingly.

I am running the 5 trails as part of my challenge to raise money for 1st Step HK and TAILS Lantau.

As a trail runner, although new to it, I am so lucky to be able to run and enjoy the trails. I am going to run this challenge to help those who are less fortunate than I am. I have been loving the Hong Kong trails for the past 2 years and feel I should give back a little.

The Challenge - Hike for Freedom - 5 TRAILS IN 5 DAYS

390 KM with 19,500M of Elevation 🏃🏻🏃🏻

Dates: 1st - 5th March 2023


I will be supporting these two charities below and you can find the donations page below 👇 🙏🍀

👉 1st Steps HK - Helping disabled people in Hong Kong stay mobile through free wheelchair repair service, food delivery and mental health support 🍀👨‍🦽🧑‍🦽🙏 👉 TAILS Lantau - Finding forever homes for abused and abandoned dogs & cats 🍀🐕🐶🐱🐈🙏



Please PM me if you would be available to help with this challenge as I am looking for someone who can help with:

👉 Businesses that would like to help support these great causes either through corporate sponsorship, through your workforce joining me on some of the trails - merchandise such as running shirts and caps that can be sold to raise money

👉PR and promotion - if you are a PR company, social media influencer (or have a good following) have contacts in magazines, newspapers and blogs - anything that will help get the word out.

👉logistics and support - if you have a car I will need help in getting my Chef wife to meet me at lunch and in the evenings

👉Accommodation - end of the Tinworth Trail (backwards) - Hong Kong Island (ideally near to The Peak), In Sai Kung somewhere (think I will do the Maclehose that way) - then I will sleep at home for the Lantau Trail

👉Donations for me to complete the challenge 😊🙏😊


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