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Run for Freedom Charity Challenge

5 trails in five days for disabled people and abused animals

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A short 3 minute video that outlines the challenge, the charities and why I am attempting to be the first person to do this - please watch and help me in anyway that you can 🙏🏻

Run for Freedom 

5 Trails in 5 Days

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T8, a local trail running brand, is offering a rare chance to win a one-of-a-kind t-shirt that commemorates the Run for Freedom 5 trails in 5 days challenge. You can own this stylish shirt by making a high donation, participating in the silent auction, or sharing the best picture of the day while spotting me on each of the 5 trails. With only 40 t-shirts available, act fast to own a unique shirt and support the event's charities that aid disabled people and abused animals. Join Jo in wearing a special souvenir that signifies an extraordinary experience and makes a difference.

The Story

The Story

Jo Lodder - Who am I?

Former National Hunt professional jockey who rode over 100 winners in the UK, Europe and the USA until a broken back forced retirement - luckily after 18 months I fully recovered. Roll on many years and for the last 13 I have lived in Hong Kong, a co-founder of JNW Properties which sells and markets our own properties we have developed in Niseko - The Aspen of Asia in Japan. For the past 2 years, I have been trail running having had a little mid-life crisis and realising I needed to help others a bit more and be a little less self-obsessed - I embarked on my first challenge which was the Lantau trail and has been setting challenges ever since.

As a trail runner I am so lucky to be able to run and enjoy the trails. I am running this challenge to help those who are less fortunate than I am. From people who are reliant on a wheel chair to just be able to get out and see the world, to dogs and cats that have been abandoned or abused and need a new home.

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The Goal

The Goal

FREEDOM - Giving 10 disabled people freedom by giving them a working electric chair so they can simply leave their homes on their own and go to the shops - the simple things in life the majority of us take for granted - they are not asking to climb mountains - their mountain is going for a coffee or yam cha without having to rely on someone else!


FREEDOM - Giving 10 abandoned and abused animals freedom by finding them loving forever homes - who doesn't love a cute little dog or kitten - well there are plenty of people out there who don’t and our aim is to stop this and in the process help our furry friends find the beautiful people out there who love and admire animals through fostering and adopting


Run for Freedom HK5Trails

The Charity Challenge - Run for Freedom - 5 TRAILS IN 5 DAYS

390 KM with 19,500M of Elevation 🏃🏻🏃🏻

The Trails:

👉 The Tinworth Trail - 93km / 5,000m elevation

👉 The Wilson Trail - 78km / 4,600m elevation

👉 The Hong Kong Trail - 50km / 2,000m elevation

👉 The Maclehose Trail - 100km / 4,600m elevation

👉 The Lantau Trail - 70km / 3,300km elevation


Dates: 1st - 5th March 2023

Please support below

The Challenge

The Challenge

The Five Trails in Five Days

Over 390 km with 20,000 m of Elevation 🏃🏻🏃🏻

Hong Kong is not just a busy city, 78% of Hong Kong’s land is protected and undeveloped. Hong Kong’s Country Parks are filled with gorgeous scenes of calm blue lakes, and fluffy green hills. If you really want to see Hong Kong, lace up your trainers, escape from the city and go hiking or running!


Below you will find Hong Kong’s four classic long trails plus the a new unofficial one. The trails offer memorable countryside experiences and the adventure of hiking / trail running

Dates: 1st - 5th March 2023

Corporate Sponsorship

Join Jo Lodder in making a difference. Become a corporate sponsor for the HK5 Trails "Run forFreedom" Challenge

Learn more about supporting his challenge for charity - get in touch today below:

The view from Lantau Peak to The South China seas part of the Run for Freedom Challange

The Trails

5 trails in 5 days map
Tinworth Trail Map


The Tinworth Trail 天和徑歡迎你

The unofficial 5th Trail. It runs across Hong Kong from the northeast border with Mainland China at Sha Tau Kok to the picturesque fishing village of Tai O in Lantau Island’s southwest, and includes some of Hong Kong's most spectacular locations.


93km long with 5000m positive elevation change. 



The Wilson Trail

Takes you around Stanley, Tai Tam, Kowloon, Central, and many more. Here you will pass by Violet Hill, Wong Nai Chung Reservoir, Tai Mo Shan, Dragon's Back, and other popular spots around Hong Kong. It is a sometimes grueling route with many stairs however the views are insane!

78km long with 4,600m positive elevation change.

The Wilson Trail Map
Hong Kong


Hong Kong Trail Map

The Hong Kong Trail

It offers full views around Hong Kong Island and amazing scenery over reservoirs as well as an opportunity to discover the historical remnants. You will also pass some nice waterfalls, Jardine’s Lookout, Mount Butler, Tai Tam Reservoir and Dragon’s Back.

50km long with 2,000m positive elevation change.



The Maclehose Trail 

It is the oldest trail in Hong Kong, and takes you from the east to the west in the New Territories. You will climb up to many hills and peaks, even Hong Kong’s highest mountain Tai Mo Shan!​ Along the trail, there are many stunning views over the indented coastlines, the peculiar rocks, the sunrise and sunset, and the grand rolling hills.

100km long with 4,600m positive elevation change.

The Maclehose Trail Map


Lantau Trail Map

The Lantau Trail

Lantau Trail start and ends at Mui Wo. The Trail reaches both Lantau peak and Sunset Peak with stunning views and beautiful landscape, quite different to the other trailsYou will also pass The Big Buddha Statue in Ngong Ping and the old fishing village Tai O.


70km long with 3,300m positive elevation change.

The Charities

The Charities

Jo Lodder visiting 1st Steps HK
1st Steps HK

1st Steps HK

Helping people who can not walk, become mobile and part of the community.

1st Steps has 15 electric wheelchairs that are broken with no batteries, the body needs repair, the engine needs servicing, foot clamps are lost, steering is fault, there are many reasons for the chairs not working


How can we help?

Each chair will need,12,000 HKD to repair 


There are 15 disabled people who can't walk and are unable to leave their apartments as they rely on a chair for movement.


Let's help get these people get their legs, their wheels, so they can at least have the privilege of going around the shops, to their favourite restaurant or just meeting up with friends. We are so lucky that we are able to run, hike, walk and see so much beauty in the countryside. By giving a little this will help so much.


When you are lying in bed just imagine what it would be like to be there every day and only seeing what you can see out the window. Most of these people live in incredibly poor area and I asked them why doesn't the government support them and often it's because families live together and one has an income so they don't qualify and although the money into the family is only enough to live, there is no help from the government so the disabled person can't afford a chair or if they are lucky enough to get one then they can't afford to repair them.


This is where 1st Steps HK come in. They do all this for free and having spent some time with these guys what you notice is just how happy they are and what a fantastic job all the volunteers do!

TAILS Lantau helping animals find their forever homes
Tail Latau

TAILS Lantau

Helping Dogs and cats find their forever home

We believe in the five freedoms of animal welfare – the freedom from hunger and thirst, from discomfort, from preventable pain, injury, or disease, from fear and distress, and to express normal behaviour.


We work toward our vision by:

1. Providing medical attention, safe shelter, and nurturing and care to animals in need, including those who are stray, injured, abused, neglected, surrendered, abandoned, or otherwise in need.

2. Rehoming animals in loving forever families

3. De-sexing (spay/neuter) of dogs and cats to avoid needless suffering of unwanted puppies and kittens

4. Offering accessible education on responsible pet ownership and animal handling


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Catherine and Jo Lodder in their Hike for Freedom Challenge

Charities and partners

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