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Run for Freedom Corporate Brochure

Hi, my name is Jo Lodder and I am a local endurance athlete and adventurer. I am reaching out to you today to share my mission and to ask for your support.

On 1st March 2023, I will be taking on the HK5 Trails Challenge in my "Run for Freedom," covering nearly 400km in distance with 20,000m of elevation, through the Tinworth Trail, Wilson Trail, Hong Kong Trail, Maclehose Trail and Lantau Trail. This is a gruelling feat and if I succeed, I will be the first person to complete it.

The challenge is close to my heart as I have friends who are still in wheelchairs and I have witnessed the difficulties they face in their daily lives. My goal is to raise funds for 1st Step HK, a charity that provides electric wheelchairs to disabled individuals, and Tails Lantau, an organization that helps abandoned and abused animals find loving forever homes. By supporting these two charities, I hope to give 10 disabled people and 10 animals the freedom they deserve.


As a responsible corporate citizen, I believe that your organization has a social responsibility to support causes that are important to our community. By supporting my "Run for Freedom" challenge and these two charities, you will not only help me in my mission, but you will also be helping to create a better and more inclusive society for all.

I have created a comprehensive brochure/deck that outlines the opportunities for businesses and individuals to support my "Run for Freedom" challenge and the two charities it supports, 1st Step HK and Tails Lantau. By doing so, you will not only make a positive impact on the lives of disabled individuals and animals in need but also receive various benefits in return.

Please follow below for the full details on corporate sponsorship opportunities. Your support can make a significant difference, and I am grateful for your consideration.

If you are interested in supporting my "Run for Freedom" challenge and these two charities, please visit my fundraising page ( or my website ( for more information.


All donations are greatly appreciated and will go directly to 1st Step HK and Tails Lantau.

Thank you for considering my request and I look forward to your positive response.


Jo Lodder

Jo Lodder invite to 19th Nov
Run for Freedom 5 trails in 5 days
Run for Freedom - The Challange
Charity - 1st Steps - helping people of disability
Charity - Tails - helping abandoned dogs & cats
The Goal - 5 trails in 5 days - 398km and d+19,500m
Why sponsor and partner Run for Freedom 2023
Gold Partnership part 1
Gold Partnership part 2
Gold Partnership personalised talk by Jo Lodder
Silver Partnership part 1
Silver Partnership part 2
Bronze Partner help changing disabled peoples lives
Bronze Partner finding homes for abandoned cats and dogs
You can really make a difference
Check out our website Run for Freedom
Jo lLodder, Run ofr Freedom and Partners
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