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Didier Pujol - February 2024

Unveiling Shanghai's Secrets: Gangsters, Tycoons, and Personal Histories with Didier Pujol!

Didier Pujol - February 2024

Embark on a riveting journey with Didier Pujol, a seasoned storyteller and journalist, as he unveils the captivating tales of Shanghai's glittering past and Hong Kong's vibrant present. With over 15 years immersed in Chinese culture, Didier has delved deep into the personal destinies of gangsters, tycoons, and ordinary individuals seeking to trace their family histories.

From the opulent world of neon-lit advertising to the shadowy dealings of notorious figures such as Big-Eared Du and glamorous movie stars like Butterfly Hu, Didier's narratives transport audiences through the dazzling era of 1930s Shanghai, known as the "Paris of the East."

As the founder of a renowned history-focused tour company in China and the chief editor of in Hong Kong, Didier's passion for authentic storytelling shines through.

In his presentation, Didier intertwines his personal history with the tales of the past, creating a powerful connection between then and now.

Join us for an unforgettable exploration of Shanghai's hidden stories, where intrigue meets heritage, and history comes alive in the present moment.

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