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Discover Lantau with Charmian
Discover Lantau with Charmian



Leeder Quay Wine & Liqueur Store - Mui Wo

Discover Lantau with Charmian

Get ready to embark on a unique adventure with Charmian Woodhouse, a passionate explorer of Lantau Island's, on land and around the coast along with its remarkable flora and fauna. Co-writer of - Lantau Coast join her as she embarks on a journey to circumnavigate Lantau.

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2023年12月20日 下午7:30 – 下午9:30

Leeder Quay Wine & Liqueur Store - Mui Wo



Welcome to Entrepreneurs of Lantau

Greetings from Jo Lodder & Jerome de Clarens!

We're thrilled to extend our warmest welcome to you in joining Entrepreneurs of Lantau. This is a community built on innovation, collaboration, and the vibrant spirit of entrepreneurship. Together, let's explore new horizons, forge lasting connections, and embark on a journey of growth and success.

Lantau has an eclectic group of amazing entrepreneurs from diverse professions - with incredible stories that will be both inspiring and fun to hear and share. Join us to hear more and to share your own remarkable journey!

See you at our next gathering!

Best regards,

Jo Lodder & Jerome de Clarens


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